Dancing with the Stars Damian and Tina Arena Cha Cha

Oct 16th


Damian and Tina Arena Cha Cha

Damian and Tina Arena Dancing the Cha Cha Cha


Last night was full of some fantastic performance’s and we were also lucky to have Oscar nominated director and the creator of ‘Strictly Ballroom’ Baz Luhrmann in the ballroom offering his point of view throughout the evening. For the stars their chosen dances this week were a reflection on one of their “most memorable moments” in the celebrities’ lives. There were a lot of dedications to family members (kids, wives and dads) personal struggles and triumphs, which made the whole show just a tad more emotional and dramatic.


Strickly Ballroom



Tina Arena’s Singing with her Idol Donna Summer’s

Dona Summer's and Tina Arena

Tina Arena chose performing with one of her idol’s Donna Summer’s at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York. The song was No More Tears of which lent itself to a cha cha. After last weeks comments from the judges it was great to get this dance and speed things up a bit, No more boring housewife!!



The Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour

Michael Jackson Tour


During this weeks training I was lucky enough to get along and see the Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour from Cirque Du Soleil, Such a great show, but very hard not to like with music like that! Not a huge fan of the venue, would have loved to seen it in a more intimate setting but neither the less some amazing world-class entertainment. A defiant memorable moment of mine was going to the Michael Jackson History World Tour in the 90’s and finally seeing the King of Pop live on stage doing what he did best, never forget that.

Michael Jackson Tour

I grew up watching him from such a young age before I even took my first dance lesson. His music was everywhere and boy he made dancing look pretty cool, defiantly got me interested in doing some sort of dancing. I think it was a bit of break dancing to start of, didn’t think it would have lead to Ballroom but I went with that as the boys at school couldn’t tease me as I was dancing with girls 🙂

By the way I thought Cosentino’s MJ during his performance was awesome! Nice one champ


The judges scores,

Todd McKenny – 8

Kym Johnson – 9

Helen Richey – 9

Adam Garcia – 9

Total for the night – 35


In case you missed it here’s the dance,

Damian and Tina Arena's Dance the Cha Cha


Looking forward to next week. Happy Dancing and see you at 7.30pm Tuesday…

Damian Whitewood

Professional Dancer

Damian Whitewood

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  1. Ken S

    October 16, 2013 at 9:20 am

    Thanks SO MUCH for posting this! Your fans (and I) appreciate seeing you all the way here in the USA! You’re the best!

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