Dancing with the Stars Damian and Tina Arena’s Jazz Dance

Nov 4th


Damian and Tina Arena Dancing Jazz

Damian and Tina

What a week of Dancing with the Stars!!  In all my years of watching and working with the series around the world there has never been back-to-back episodes in the space of 48 hours!! A definite challenge to say the least. This week saw us having to prepare three dances and our first being Jazz another new style to the format and a first for me on the Sunday night show!


Our Jazz piece was to Love Me Again by John Newman a cool track to work with as the lyrics really helped set up our story line for the number, also within the routine the Stars had to perform a solo between 15 to 20 seconds long at some stage during the dance. With Tina’s background there was plenty to pull from having starred in Cabaret as Sally Bowles and Roxy Hart in the West Ends production of Chicago two really great shows with plenty of Jazz. Overall the judge’s comments were good and we survived another eviction.


Dancing with the Stars Damian and Tina Arena’s Jazz Dance Scores



The judges scores,

Todd McKenny -8

Kym Johnson – 9

Helen Richey – 9

Adam Garcia – 9

Total for the night – 35



Looking forward to next week. Happy Dancing and see you on Sunday…

Damian Whitewood

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  1. Corey Geatches

    November 29, 2013 at 8:14 pm

    The jazz performance in my opinion was fantastic

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