Dancing with the Stars Damian and Tina Arena’s Tango

Oct 25th


Damian and Tina Arena’s Tango

Damian and Tina Arena Dance the Tango


It was nice to finally kick off the show this week with our rock Tango to Queens another one bites the dust!

I thought Tina did really well with the routine and is defiantly moving in the right direction. All the judges’ comments were pretty good and they gave us plenty of things to think about for this weeks dance. Last week bought many challenges and the biggest of them was finding the hours to practice. And with out that perfect practice it will never be perfect!! With Tina’s busy schedule it gave me the opportunity to head home to Perth and get some rehearsals in with her whilst she was over for Telethon, book launch and her new album Reset. Always good to get home and see family and friends but it was even better to take Tina to train in one of the many studios I spent endless days and nights in Perth training in, Gilkinson Dance Studio, arggh the memories.

Heres a snippet of us at the studio



Tina Arena Opens Telethon

Tina opened this year’s Telethon, which was a huge success with Western Australians digging deep and continuing with their generosity, which created the highest donating Telethon (per capita) in the world raising $20,701,272 million to help improve the lives of children and young people throughout W.A. Very honoured to be apart of the whole experience and help out, nice one sandgropers…

Tina Arena Opens Perth Telethon 2013


Watching Tina live on stage in her element doing what she knows and doing it very well, might I add! Was very helpful as working with her I am trying to install that same feeling of ease and confidence I saw in the performance with each dance routine. Every week we are presented with a new challenge as each dance entails a different character, personality we need to bring and not only that we have two people out there telling the story not just one very different to most other dance forms and how Tina is used to performing. It isn’t easy folks but hopefully we can get it close to perfect for movie week


 Dancing with the Stars Damian and Tina Arena’s Tango Scores


The judges scores,

Todd McKenny – 7

Kym Johnson – 8

Helen Richey – 8

Adam Garcia – 8

Total for the night – 31


In case you missed it here’s the dance,

DWTS Damian Whitewood and Tina Arena Dancing Tango


Looking forward to next week. Happy Dancing and see you at 7.30pm Tuesday…

Damian Whitewood

Professional Dancer

Damian Whitewood

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  1. Laura Parsons

    October 29, 2013 at 10:22 pm

    Tina Arena is my favourite star on dancing with the stars, I think she is doing really well, Tina is a good dancer and I vote for her every week, I think she is very talented at singing, preforming and dancing.

    And Happy Birthday for the 1st November Tina, I hope you have a great day.


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