Starting with a Bang! DWTS S14 Week 1

Oct 2nd






Wow! What a way to start the competition top of the leader board, so stoked. It was a fantastic start to what I feel will be a great season of Dancing With The Stars. I thought the standard was quite high from all the Celebrities for week 1 and it showed that there are a few movers in the group, which is great. It’s not easy getting out there on TV! And lets remember, this is an entertainment show, be it good or bad dance routines, people want to be entertained by our Celebrities.

Damian Whitewood and Kyly ClarkeThere was a low to the evening tho very low I thought actually! No one needs or deserves to be bullied on TV from a judge, especially on your debut with the show. We are all open to being critiqued, as that’s part of what we have signed up for but lets keep it constructive! Not destructive. Hey am sure Robbie’s contemporary this week will blow mine out of the water!

Coming form a Ballroom and Latin dance background myself I wasn’t overly rapped to be doing contemporary first week yet again! (Tina Arena last season) It’s a pretty confronting dance style that needs to have that raw, earthy organic feel to it for it to be good. So once we got into the studio it was clear we needed to dust of Kyly’s previous dance background and highlight it within this piece. She hasn’t danced in over a decade but her legs and extensions would make you think twice!!  The song was Read All About It from Emeli Sandés, which we both loved to dance to is all about having a voice and wanting to be herd so that’s what we were going to do!

Receiving great scores from the judges was very rewarding and all the hard work Kyly had put in really paid of. The pressures on now! As the bar has been set high and we don’t want to go backwards!!


The judges scores for the night,

Todd McKenny – 9

Kym Johnson – 9

Helen Richey – 9

Adam Garcia – 8

Total for the night – 35



Until next week, Happy Dancing, see you Tuesday…

Damian Whitewood


Professional Dancer

Damian Whitewood






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