Feb 11th


Paul Mitchell’s Shall We Dance On Ice

  It was so great to be involved with Paul Mitchell’s Shall We Dance on Ice and I was lucky enough to partner the wonderful Chelsie Hightower as one of the two ballroom dancing couples for the show! This whole production was really well done, right from all the crew front and back of house […]

Aug 13th


DWTS S15 Damian and Kellys Quickstep

WEEK 4 AND WE ARE HOP SKIPPING AND JUMPING, “QUICKSTEP” The week leading up to episode 4 on Dancing with the Stars was defiantly one of the toughest as we had be given QUICKSTEP for our genre, a dance known for its quick foot speed with lots of graceful movement around the floor and sprinkled […]

Aug 6th


DWTS S15 Rio Night Damian and Kellys Salsa

WEEK 3 AND WE WERE GOING TO RIO!! Last week on Dancing with the Stars it was time for some “RIO” South American flare on the dance floor. Being 100 days out until the RIO Olympics starts the show was celebrating and beginning the count down to the opening of the games. Samba / Salsa […]

Jul 31st


DWTS S15 Memorable Moments Waltz

With week 2 being Memorable Moments for each of the celebrities a night I must admit I do enjoy as it allows the viewers and the rest of us cast members the chance to get to know each and everyone of them a little better and an insight into a special time or a certain […]

Jul 23rd



The new season of Dancing with the Stars has returned to channel 7 on Sunday evenings as of last week, it’s fare to say this season will be my biggest challenge yet! and one that I am really looking forward too in many ways. In the past 6 years since I started working with the […]

Mar 26th


SNOWDAY!! – Michigan – Dance Around The World

I had some time last month before heading to Brazil for Dance Around The World, And seen as I was soon heading to some summer I though it would be a good idea to get a real dose of some winter so I went off to Hillman, Michigan to visit the Celebrity Eco Lodge and […]

Feb 5th


“New Orleans #ExhibitBE Some really cool Art” !!!

Firstly I wish I had of known of this before it was over 🙁  #ExhibitBE gave a run down building complex LIFE in New Orleans!, awesome idea from Brandan “BMike” Odums. He along with over thirty other street artist’s transformed the complex and gave it a voice thats for sure. I do love me some […]

Jan 20th


Domo Arigato Gozaimashita

Domo Arigato gozaimashita   It’s great to be back in my Los Angeles home, but I’m not going to lie! Missing the summer down under with the family and friends of course. As I sit here with my production team and go over the shoot list for my up coming project, #Fairdinkum bring it on!!! […]

Oct 20th



Week 3  INJURY WITHDRAWAL, A CLOWN & A SHOCK ELIMINATION!! Well what a week on Dancing with the Stars!! A producers dream as the show has everyone talking about Tuesday night, be it for good or bad dancing there was something for everyone…   Having to exit the series the way we did through an […]

Oct 13th


DWTS S14 Week 2 Memorable Moments

WEEK 2 MEMORABLE MOMENTS I really enjoy memorable moments week on Dancing with Stars as it give’s the viewers at home a chance to get to know the celebrities in a different light that they probably wouldn’t be known for, and also see that they are just as human as the rest of us. Kyly’s […]

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