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Jan 20th


Damian Whitewood Burn The Floor Fan Mail

Domo Arigato gozaimashita


It’s great to be back in my Los Angeles home, but I’m not going to lie! Missing the summer down under with the family and friends of course. As I sit here with my production team and go over the shoot list for my up coming project, #Fairdinkum bring it on!!! I wanted to start my first blog for the year with taking a moment and thanking a fan that took the time to write to Burn The Floor and myself last year whilst the show was touring in Osaka, Japan. It was a pleasant reminder as to why I have done for so many years and still do, what I love so dearly DANCE.

I have been very fortunate and blessed to see the world through my craft and have travelled to places I had never imagined dance would take me. Being on the road for over ten years with the amazing cast and crew of Burn The Floor defiantly covered a lot of em! Thankfully of late various TV dance shows around the globe have taken it to another level. Japan was always the highlight on many BTF tours as the audiences were unlike anything we had experienced anywhere in the world and I never imagined a ballroom dancer would have rock star cred!

Damian Whitewood Burn The Floor

Damian Whitewood Burn The Floor

The language of Dance is a very powerful tool that I have greatly enjoyed performing to millions of people and it has solidified who I am today. To here how it touched a soul is very humbling and that to me is everything.
Happy Dancing


Damian Whitewood


Professional Dancer

Damian Whitewood

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