DWTS S14 Week 2 Memorable Moments

Oct 13th



I really enjoy memorable moments week on Dancing with Stars as it give’s the viewers at home a chance to get to know the celebrities in a different light that they probably wouldn’t be known for, and also see that they are just as human as the rest of us.

Kyly’s memorable moment was her father daughter’s dance on her wedding day! I must admit I was very happy to recreate a routine to capture this moment as there hasn’t been a wedding that I’ve ever been to that once the dance’s begin be it husband and wife, father daughter, mother and son or even husband and husband the whole room is in ore of the two sole’s on the dance floor. It’s a very special moment and one that takes a lot of planning some of the dances these days involve the whole wedding parties!!

Damian & Kyly DWTS

The song choice was You Raise me up by Josh Groban, great song for a father daughter dance, but unfortunately not for a traditional waltz! This is the case with many wedding parties that I have worked with as they choose music that they like and works for what they are after so its up to us as the pro dancer to adapted it to them for there special day.  So to be given a 4/4 timing instead of a 3/4 timing on Dancing with Stars proved a little difficult at first but we got there in the end and still showed many traditional waltz figures that the judges look for.

Overall very happy with this weeks dance considering the task we had! The judge’s scores were excellent and to be atop of the leader after the two rounds is great.


The judges scores for the night,

Todd McKenny – 7

Kym Johnson – 9

Helen Richey – 9

Adam Garcia – 9

Total for the night – 34



Until next week, Happy Dancing, see you Tuesday…

Damian Whitewood


Professional Dancer

Damian Whitewood

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