DWTS S15 Memorable Moments Waltz

Jul 31st


Damian & Kelly Daning the Waltz DWTS S15 E2

With week 2 being Memorable Moments for each of the celebrities a night I must admit I do enjoy as it allows the viewers and the rest of us cast members the chance to get to know each and everyone of them a little better and an insight into a special time or a certain achievement, triumph which ever the case maybe and once again the evening didn’t disappoint.


Kelly’s story is very touching and courageous and at the tender age of 15 she was forced to make a decision that would change the direction of her life, literally every step! Being diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer she choose to have her right leg amputated to give her the best chance of survival and with shear determination and enormous strength a few weeks after surgery she was able to still attend her school ball, but missed out on all the fun parts the dancing!


Damian & Kelly Dancing the Waltz DWTS S15The song chosen was Come Away With Me by Norah Jones and it is a magical piece to dance to so the pressure was on to fulfill the memorable moment! I was glad to get the waltz early on being one of the slower ballroom dancers so we could figure out what groups we could still dance from a technical point of view with out having any rise and fall or swing from the right side. Interesting to say the least, but once we figured out a couple of groups I managed to get the left side working overtime to compensate.


After tackling the first of the ballroom dancers I hope there will be others to come as there was a hiccup towards the end of the routine and that was due to ME! I got caught on the wonderful full dress of Kelly and we ended up on the floor. A first for me on the show but it is something that does happen out on the dance floor occasionally and I must say to Kelly’s credit she bounced back up and we carried on like nothing had happened except for the extreme laughter once it was over.


The judges scores and comments were spot on and Ill happily take the 8s across the board and move onto RIO week!!!


Until next Sunday, Happy Dancing…

Damian Whitewood



Professional Dancer

Damian Whitewood

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